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Private Residence

Admirals Cove, Jupiter, FL

The residence is located on a acre parcel within the prestigious Admirals Cove community. The rear of this property sits along a local waterway which leads to the Atlantic Ocean. Project scope included hardscape and landscape design as well as project administration. Design intent was to create a landscape that would compliment a Bermuda-style home with a sense of garden. Collaboration with the client during both the design and construction phases was a daily event. Fine details and materials for the landscape and hardscape connection was scrutinized and massaged from beginning to end. Limiting factors were met with design intent first and difficulty second. Hundred ton cranes were brought in for inaccessible areas and barges were used to place palms at the rear of the property. The design program included wall design, fountain design, gate design, decorative railings, pool design, all hardscape and landscape material choices and a continuing maintenance program. Upon arriving at this Bermuda style waterfront residence, visitors are greeted with elegance and detail. Canary Island Date Palms flank the cast stone driveway which is bordered with Zoysia grass to soften the feel. Tall Coconut Palms and custom designed fountains greet you at the front door. Travertine stone makes the transition from the driveway to entry door.
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