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Isla Verde

Wellington, FL

Cotleur & Hearing,Inc. was retained by PEBB Enterprises to develop a mixed-use master plan for a 45 acre site located in the Village of Wellington on 441 opposite the Black Diamond Community. Due to neighborhood issues, the site development plan introduced a mixed-use concept which located multi-family residential adjacent to existing, single-family neighborhoods and commercial development along the 441 corridor. The commercial center was designed to address the requirements of the Village of Wellington’s big-box standards. Special landscaping and the incorporation of pedestrian-scaled features and architecture enhance the overall aesthetics of the project. Two-story, residential townhomes were introduced within the multi-family residential areas. Careful attention was given to the interface between the residential and the commercial development. The landscaping was designed to compliment and reinforce the Tuscan architectural style that was chosen for the architecture.
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