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Renaissance Commons

Boynton Beach, FL

Cotleur & Hearing, Inc. was retained by Compson and Associates and Town and Country Homes for the landscape architectural design for Renaissance Commons. Compson and Associates acquired the former Motorola facility located within the Quantum Park, DRI in Boynton Beach, Florida. Due to rapid changes in the technological industry, Motorola planned to shut down their Boynton Beach operations and to reconsolidate in a more efficient, cost-effective location. Cotleur & Hearing worked with Compson in developing a mixed-use development to transform this former employment site and to increase the tax revenue to Boynton Beach. A variety of housing typologies were introduced, which included multi-story condominium buildings, fee simple town homes and residential lofts above retail/commercial space. Cotleur & Hearing was responsible for inventorying the existing vegetation of the Motorola site. Significant Live Oak and Mahogany trees were rated, tagged and inventoried for relocation and incorporation into the landscape plan. The landscape design took advantage of the existing vegetation and relocated large Oaks which created tree-lined streets and provided a canopy for common-use greens and parks established throughout the project. In accordance with the requirements of the city of Boynton Beach, the landscape design incorporated numerous flowering trees, shrubs and ground covers.
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