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Concourse Plaza

Jupiter, FL

Cotleur & Hearing Inc. was retained by The Morris Companies to assist in multiple zoning entitlement and redevelopment tasks associated with the Concourse Plaza. Shortly after the Morris Companies purchased the Concourse Plaza in 2004, Cotleur & Hearing was retained to assist in obtaining outdoor seating for existing restaurants and minor zoning amendments throughout the plaza. In 2005, Cotleur & Hearing was retained to secure additional zoning entitlements to provide for a Dunkin Donuts to be located contiguous to the Tires Plus outbuilding. The project was approved as a special exception use and provided additional square footage and revenue to the center. In 2007, Cotleur & Hearing was retained to design and secure the entitlements for a state-of-the-art Office Depot. Cotleur & Hearing worked closely with Office Depot and Concourse Plaza representatives to develop an architectural scheme that would bring new life yet maintain compatibility with the existing architectural style. Cotleur & Hearing worked with The Morris Companies to develop a new color palette for the entire center to include the recently approved Dunkin Donuts, Office Depot and the remainder of the shopping plaza. A variety of strong, earth-tone colors found in nature were selected and utilized throughout the center. Cotleur & Hearing also worked with The Morris Companies to develop a hardscape program to incorporate planters and pedestrian blade signage throughout the center. The results of Cotleur & Hearing’s design efforts made one of the oldest commercial centers in the town of Jupiter appear to be new and timeless.
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