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Limestone Creek (South) Restoration Project

Jupiter, FL

This environmental design and construction project entailed the restoration and preservation of a 1,400 ft. historic section of Limestone Creek. Located where the C18 Canal meets the south fork of the Loxahatchee River, this is the largest portion of the original creek channel to remain today. The channel was once over 10’ deep comprising of a freshwater cypress swamp habitat and contained an abundance of manatee and alligators. In the late 1950’s, the C18 Canal was forever altered when it was dredged by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Prior to restoration, sediment deposits had decreased the depth to less than 1’ and the creek banks became eroded and infested with exotic vegetation. Cotleur & Hearing Inc. provided landscape architecture and environmental design for the project. In addition also served as the grant writer, the general contractor and obtained environmental permits from the DEP, ACOE, SFWMD, US Fish and Wildlife and the Town of Jupiter. Team USA provided the civil engineering. The construction scope of work included eradication of exotic species, dredging to remove silt; bank restoration with erosion fabrics and stone riprap and the re-vegetation to native species. Other project benefits include increasing the biodiversity and deep-water habitat for species such as manatee, snook, sheep’s head and drum and providing greater fishing and boating opportunities for the public. COMPLETED: Spring 2007 PROJECT COST: $270,000.00
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