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Plant of the Month: Philippine Ground Orchid

This beautiful ornamental orchid is a great variety to plant in your garden and bring a touch of color to the landscape. It’s native to the grasslands and woodlands of Southeast Asia which lend it its tropical appearance. With partial shade and well-drained soil, these easygoing orchids will do well in both garden landscape beds or in pots. Their upright bright green leaves and vibrant purple flowers that bloom year round will be sure to add seasonal interest and turn heads regardless of where it is planted.

Growth & Habit

Size: 2′-3′ Tall
USDA Hardness Zone: 10a-11
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Origin: Southeast Asia


Partial Sun/Shade


Well Drained

Design & Aesthetics

Shape: Upright growth with bright green lanceolate leaves and distinct pleats.
Landscape Use: Ornamental forb/groundcover. Ideal for ground beds in tropical gardens.
Flower: Violet-Pink-Magenta, some have white accent.
Fruit: Six 1″ ribbed seed capsules that emerge from the flowers.
Wildlife: Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Plant Description: Evergreen ornamental groundcover with upright growth habit. Long, straight, bright green leaves emerge from pseudobulbs underground to produce vibrant purple and pink flowers that bloom all year long.