The King’s Academy

About the Project

Cotleur & Hearing, Inc. was hired by Palm Beach County and The King’s Academy to develop an Environmental Mitigation Program to off‐set impacts to various wetland communities located on both The King’s Academy school and an adjacent Pam Beach County park. On behalf of Palm Beach County, C & H obtained a favorable, binding wetland jurisdictional determination based on the requirements of the Florida Statutes. The Wetland Mitigation Program was designed to mimic the historic Everglades Ridge and Slough Eco‐System. Expansive herbaceous marsh areas were created with oxbow channels and tree islands. Each tree island was designed to create a unique hardwood vegetation hassock. The use of fruit producing, under‐story vegetation will encourage utilization by wildlife, as well as natural recruitment of native plant species. The wetland mitigation area was designed to provide for future interpretive educational use for both Palm Beach County and The King’s Academy School. C & H was responsible for coordinating and managing the vegetation removal permitting process. Over 500 palms, specimen oak trees and wild orchids were relocated in a naturalistic fashion to enhance the overall ambiance of the site.

  • Client: The King’s Academy
  • Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Project Type: Educational Facility/Wetland
  • Services Provided: Environmental Consulting, Planning
  • Project Size: 128 Acres
  • Completion Date: 2004