Mariana Arias Sanz

Mariana Arias Sanz came to Florida from South America in 2012 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sustainability and the Built Environment from the University of Florida in 2016. She later completed her master’s in Urban and Regional Planning in 2018 at the same university. Mariana joined Cotleur & Hearing shortly after graduation, and has since been working as a planner for a variety of projects in Florida’s Treasure Coast. Originally from Argentina and having grown up mainly in Brazil, Mariana has been exposed to various cultures and urban strategies, bringing unique insights to the team. Mariana’s ambitions are to help create holistic and synergistic relationships between people and the environments they live in, as her passion for the environment flourished from a young age. Aside from planning, Mariana has been involved in projects which further the energy transition to cleaner energy as well as promoting a circular economy and solid waste reduction.