Rutusha Nagaraj Kapini


Rutusha Nagaraj Kapini is from Bangalore, India and joined Cotleur & Hearing in August, training under landscape architect and partner,  Erin Bolin. She graduated with a Master of Landscape Architecture in May 2020 from Florida International University. Her FIU projects and involvement have gained recognition by FIU, ASLA, and a national award by EPA. She also has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from India & was honored with a “Gold Medal” for highest academic record amongst 1000+ graduating students throughout the state in 2017. Her undergraduate thesis “Verti-Farms” focused on integrating farming and architecture to eliminate the food crisis, which won national awards in India. Furthermore, “Dr. Dickson Despommier” – Emeritus professor at Columbia University also known as the father of vertical farming, shared his inputs and posted about it on Twitter. Experience in architectural practices led her to explore the relationship between buildings and the space framed outside of it. Growing up she was introduced to art & culture by her parents, both practicing award-winning architects & planners in India. They encouraged her keen interests in art which guided her to participate in art contests and also exhibit her artwork in multiple countries like India, UK, Poland, Australia, and the United States. Her work was featured in the UNESCO calendar of 2005. She keeps her website up to date with her art, doodles, and more. Rutusha enjoys swimming, playing tennis and has a keen interest in numismatics. Looking ahead she aims to explore how art, culture, and landscape architecture engage through sustainable practices as she learns in the professional field at Cotleur & Hearing.