Our Process


Today’s entitlement process is more complicated and time consuming than ever. We develop unique strategies for each individual assignment. Our approach reduces time, uncertainty and ultimately project costs. We provide our clients with an honest assessment of the obstacles and take a proactive approach to achieving project objectives. Cotleur & Hearing is known for achieving complex land use, zoning and master plan approvals from state and local governments. We connect and effectively communicate with our audience to obtain consensus and alleviate fear associated with development.


Understanding context of the site is essential and cannot be overlooked any project - large or small. We conduct a thorough site analysis process for every assignment before the design process begins. We collaborate with our client and professional team to fully understand programmatic elements and project objectives.


Our design team conceptualizes the program graphicly with multiple design options. This is a collaborative process that builds upon the opportunity and constraints identified during the site analysis. Collaborative design promotes creativity and unique design solutions. A core value of Cotleur & Hearing is to be insatiably curious exploring the unimaginable to bring our clients' dreams to life.



We carefully develop our conceptual design with intentionality. Every detail and material is carefully articulated with a focus on cost benefit and constructability. We advocate for sustainable materials and construction methods which stand the test of time. Our design create value and write history.


Planting design is integral to landscape architecture and a direct response to form, function, texture, color and natural beauty. Our designers are horticulturally trained and understand the growth attributes of plants for micro climatic settings and soil conditions. Our creativity and knowledge produce peaceful spaces that stimulate the mind and imagination. Lets us create your piece of heaven on earth.


A project is not complete until the landscape architect's design intent is fully implemented. We help navigate our clients through the bidding, permitting, construction and construction close out process. We are available to select final colors, materials and finishes. We provide oversight to ensure design inspiration is brought to life. Given our preparation, attention to detail and experience in many scenarios, our client's vision always becomes a reality. Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Company is also available to install and maintain your completed design.