Christian Brewer

Christian Brewer joined the Cotleur & Hearing Team as an Intern from 2019 to 2021 while attending the University of Florida and was brought on full time in June 2021 after graduation. Christian grew up in Jupiter where he attended the Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy (JERFSA) at Jupiter High and frequented places designed by Cotleur & Hearing that inspired him to pursue a career in Landscape Architecture. Before attending the University of Florida in 2017, he worked as a Landscape Manager at Old Marsh Golf Club where he developed a foundation of plant knowledge and understanding of landscape design. Since becoming a part of the company, Christian has been a part of many projects and uses his knowledge of Florida’s natural and built landscapes to ensure their success. Christian enjoys the ability Landscape Architecture has to create a sense of place with the projects he works on and views Landscape Architecture as the “creative problem solving” used to drive projects forward and make them successful. He is responsible for our monthly Plant of the Month mail out and finds inspiration in the research of plants and how to use them in the landscape. As an ambassador to the company and profession, Christian enjoys reaching out and speaking with students about Landscape Architecture and the work done by Cotleur & Hearing, wishing to influence future generations to pursue this great career path. Christian looks forward to helping Cotleur & Hearing grow, as well as growing with the company as a professional.